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Hi Keto-Fam! I’m Juanize, the founder of Ketonize. 

I’m not a doctor, also not a scientist or a dietician…. Just your next-door girl who experienced the keto lifestyle and well, has to share it. 

My boyfriend, who is more chef than I could ever be, deserves all the credit for this venture. 

The short story : He had high blood pressure due to sleep apnea. After I saw the “Space Ranger” mask he would’ve had to wear each night, I started looking for alternative solutions. 

A little bit of research and a few references further, we came across the keto lifestyle. So many people reviewed the diet and said it improved or even reversed their sleep apnea.

So, we decided to try it.

4 months into the diet, he lost 11 kilograms and 12 centimetres around his middle. He started sleeping through the night and his blood pressure dropped immensely….

Safe to say, he never bought the “Space Ranger mask”. 

Of course, friends and family started asking how they could go about it.

Keto was, and still is, our solution.

Perhaps not scientifically proven by us, but definitely tried and tested.


Cillie and Juanize picture

Cillie and Juanize


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